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Heroes of Shaola is a story-driven RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. You are a young nobleman trying to survive in a corrupt world filled with humor and political incorrectness, as opposing factions and individuals trying to outwit each other.


Zenman Empire is the largest nation in the world. It is located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the deceptively powerful Amazail Kingdom in the south, and the unpredictable House Lagidis in the west.

Each year, the vassal factions must pay a tribute with gifts, weapons, women, and gold to Zenman Empire.

Its capital city, Zalumi, has been protected by the four most powerful noble families. Those four families are the Sutherlands, the Pantelakos, the Totens, and the Rileys.

One morning, Leonardo, the only child of the Sutherlands, was nowhere to be found. His mysterious disappearance shocked the nation.

Meanwhile, in the north, Martia Kingdom has been staring at Zalumi for years. The Amazailians are also lurking around from the south.

Both are growing tired of being a vassal nation. They are tiring of paying tributes to Zenman Empire.

They have been watching Zalumi like a hawk, waiting for a chance to take action.

Sources from Iron Eagle, the mysterious organization from Zuda Kingdom, revealed that Martia and Amazail have been trying to form an alliance.

The once great Zenman Empire is suddenly facing two big threats from the north and south.

Characteristics and Features

  • An engaging story with unexpected plot twists.
  • Zelda-like jumps, slash bushes, find secret treasures, explore hidden areas.
  • Final Fantasy-like battle system, but with visible enemies. No random encounters or invisible monsters. Bandits and aggressive beasts will approach you. Less aggressive opponents will leave you alone, unless you initiate the attack.
  •  Grinding is unnecessary. All you need is to be careful with
    each decision, look out for quests and hidden secrets, manage your money (buy/sell) wisely, and use your skill, items, and potions carefully.
  • The plots and dialogues are managed carefully in order to bring each character to life.
  • No Game Over. We all know how much time we spent dying on games and it's the most frustrating thing in the world.
  • There is good replay value with multiple endings based on many variables, including dialogue choices and subtle triggers.
  • The game is portable, no installation required to play. It is
    DRM-free, no registration, activation or online connection required to play, and it is completely Ad-free. Simply unzip, open the game folder and play the game on any Windows PC.


The stories, settings and gameplay that have influenced the making of this game are:

• Game of Thrones and the novel A Song of Ice and Fire.

• The Middle-Earth universe from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

• Zelda series and some aspect of the gameplay, rewards, secrets, hidden areas.

• Norse/Germanic and Japanese mythology.

• European and Asian medieval history.

System Requirements

Platform: PC

Operating systems: Windows XP or newer

Processor: 1 GHz or faster

RAM: 128 MB or more

Free space: 494 MB





Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I thought this game was really cool but it’s really frustrated me trying to find all the secret places

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It’s a fairly good CRPG with certain weak points. However these weak points dont subtract much from the experience so the end result is still a very fun and enjoyable game.

Effin awesome game. I recommend this to everyone who enjoys indie RPGs.

Really addictive game that got me hooked. It's all about story and exploration and discovery.

Interesting story and characters and worth every penny IMO especially if you're a fan of story-rich RPG and Zelda gameplay.

This is actually a great game. The story is actually surprising good for an indie game, better than many AAA games. The story doesn’t treat you like a little kid watching cartoon, good vs evil stuff, kill the boss and the end.

How do u get the rhyna ending?

Great game in many aspects but i think it's a little unbalanced.

Tried the demo! Loved it so far. Good fun and easy to play.

Things warming up after the intro and tutorial. Fast paced RPG and it’s fun

So many badass characters in this game. I love watching Leonardo improves from a victim into a badass fighter. The graphics are admittedly a little dated but I find that charming in an age where everything is either hyper realistic or 1980s arcade retro. The story and the music is where this game really draws you in.

As a Visual Novels fan I absolutely LOVE this RPG !

I loved this game. The more I played the more it grew on me

I really liked this game. Well written and entertaining.

Got the game yesterday. Finished today. One of the best RPG experience I had. Required some patient .